Exclude internal traffic from
Google Analytics in
3 simple steps

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Add website to Traffic Remover

Add your website to Traffic Remover

Create a filter in Google Analytics

Use our guidelines to create a filter in Google Analytics

Access your website through Traffic Remover

Access your website via Traffic Remover

3 simple steps to exclude internal traffic
from Google Analytics

Add your website to Traffic Remover

After creating an account and loging in, you will receive an acess to a form you can use to enter the address of your website, the traffic you measure, into Traffic Remover.

Links to your websites can be edited or removed at any time.

No one else has the access to your websites. Other persons may access you links only if you share your login information with them. This may be useful in case, when one website is administrated, or otherwise used by more employees.


Use these guidelines to create a filter in Google Analytics

In your Google Analytics account, go to the Admin for the website, where you want to exclude internal traffic  - Top menu - Admin.

Select the view (3. column), where you wish to remove your traffic, and click on the - Filters (if you wish to create a global filter for the whole account and all views, click on All filters in the 1. column).

Create a new filter with following parameters:

  • Filter Name - add your custom title
  • Filter Type - Custom
  • Exclude
  • Filter Field - Campaign Source
  • Filter Pattern - trafficremover\.com
  • Select all views (this option is available only while creating an account filter)

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Access your website via Traffic Remover

Every time you visit your website via Traffic Remover with the filter set up correctly in Analytics, your visit will be automatically excluded from the statistics.

Add Traffic Remover to your browser bookmarks and receive only relevant data, undistorted by your internal traffic.

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Filter your internal website traffic, also when all other options have failed

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When and why use Traffic Remover?

If your internet connection or working methods do not allow conventional internal traffic filtering.

In case you have dynamic IP address with unknown ranges.

If you often access your website from different places and different IP addresses.

If your website is visited and administrated by multiple employees.

In case of sites with lower traffic, where employees can affect significantly the overall statistical data and their assessment.

If you are searching for an opportunity to clean the statistics of your own traffic, guaranteed and without exception!

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